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Our Programs


Keep your yoga practice consistent and run more comfortable with a lower risk of injury with Yoga for Runners HQ Live.


Join our virtual online yoga studio for runners to practice together with a weekly live-streamed yoga class and new pre-recorded classes and members-only challenges every month, PLUS, get access to our ever-growing library of all classes (over 150 classes currently).


All classes are a full body experience, with each class also focusing on a theme that is beneficial to runners. We focus on breathing, strength and recovery, and there are also opportunities to request class themes.



Members also get access to all our program, courses and more:

  • Yoga for Runners 101 – $39 value
  • 8-week Yoga for Runners Program – $99 value
  • 12-part Flexibility Toolkit – $99 value
  • 30-day Consistency Challenge
  • Members-only Facebook group
8 week yoga for runners program

This 8-week Yoga for Runners Program is designed to teach you yoga techniques that you can use any time around your schedule to minimize the risk of injury, support muscle recovery and ultimately help you become a better runner.


If you would like to learn the basics of yoga for runners to build a good foundation for your practice and gain strength and flexibility, then this program is recommended.


The course is structured in a step-by-step fashion, starting with the basics and moving onto specialized classes.

Yoga for Runners Flexibility Toolkit

If you want bite-sized 15-minute classes to stretch specific problem areas and increase general flexibility, then this program is for you.


This program can be used as a yoga flexibility toolkit for runners, because each of the classes have a specific focus. You can use them individually, but at the same time combine them to suit whatever your body is feeling at any given time.


12 short 15-minute flexibility classes to fit around your schedule.

Get head start on your 2021 running goals with our brand new January 5-day yoga for runners challenge!


If you want to learn how to…


  • breathe better while running
  • release tight hips, hamstrings, quads, calves and back
  • strengthen your running muscles
  • recover quicker after runs
  • run more efficiently


…then don’t miss out on this challenge!


Starting on 4 January, participants will receive a short online yoga class in their inbox, every day of next week!


Each class has special theme that is beneficial for runners, and will be instructed by one of our amazing teachers Jessica Sammoun.


Only 15 minutes per day, and you’ll learn techniques that can be used to supplement your running forever.


Class videos will be hosted in our Yoga for Runners HQ Live membership area. You will need to create an account and start a 7-day free trial to access the challenge videos this week.


Usually membership costs $14.99 USD per month (starting only after the free trial ends), but for this week only we’re lowering it to $9.99 USD per month.


You can cancel anytime, and if you cancel before the end of the 7-day trial is over you will not pay anything.


Bonuses: what else do you get?


Other than a $5 monthly discount if you decide to continue after the free trial ends, you will get access to ALL our programs during your membership or free trial:


  • 8-week Yoga for Runners Program
  • Flexibility Toolkit
  • Yoga for Runners 101
  • Yoga for Runners HQ LIVE


Yoga for Runners HQ Live is our flagship membership program, where members get access to weekly live classes made for runners (every Thursday at 6pm GMT), and we recently also started adding shorter pre-recorded weekly series of classes (like this challenge) for the busier person to fit around their schedule.


Whether you cancel your free trial, or continue your membership after the trial ends, you will have access to all our programs, new weekly yoga for runners classes + an ever-growing class library during your membership.