Yoga for Runners HQ | How Yoga Makes You a Better Runner: 10 Poses for Runners
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How Yoga Makes You a Better Runner: 10 Poses for Runners

How yoga makes you a better runner: 10 poses for runners

How Yoga Makes You a Better Runner: 10 Poses for Runners

If you’re searching for something to help you evolve into a better runner then yoga is the answer. Not only does it help ease pain and make it easier to run more efficiently, yoga also has many other benefits listed in this article.

Adding Yoga to regular workout routines builds up strength and flexibility within:
• hamstrings
• hip flexors
• the core
• quads

The more flexible you are, the less chance you have of becoming injured when running. And, as your strength continuously increases, you’ll find yourself running farther, faster and longer, improving running time.

Yoga poses help to relieve stress, strain and tightness in various areas of your body. These 10 poses stretch areas that improve your running distance and time when opened up properly. More flexibility means less chance of becoming injured while running. An increase in strength leads to the ability to run farther, longer and faster than ever before. Therefore, building these physical qualities, which yoga does successfully, helps to make you a better runner.

How Yoga Makes You a Better Runner: Poses for Runners #infographic

Need help getting started with yoga?

We are on a mission to help runners run faster with the help of yoga, so we’ve created a 3-day yoga for runners challenge. It is a free challenge that will help you breathe better while running, relieve tight hips and hamstrings, and recover quicker after runs. Only 10 minutes per day for 3 days and instructional videos are delivered to your inbox. If you haven’t joined this challenge yet, you can sign up here.