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If you are a runner, you probably know the importance of a good stretch – skip your stretching routine for a few days and you will find yourself getting out of bed stiff and with sore calves, thighs and back. And that’s exactly how most runners get into their yoga practice – they are looking for an exciting alternative to their normal stretching routine. Some, like myself, will turn toward yoga because we are looking for a quicker way to recover from an injury, and prevent future injuries. Nothing wrong with that – but there is so much more in yoga practice for runners than just getting a greater mobility in legs and hips.

Hi! I’m Stean Bester, a web developer and ultra-marathon runner from Cape Town, South Africa. I LOVE running and, almost every day, you may find me running in the streets of Cape Town, along the trails of Table Mountain or at a weekend race somewhere in the area.

I started Yoga for Runners HQ to help other runners have a healthier and longer running careers. Getting into yoga after a foot injury was definitely one of the best things that ever happened in my fitness life. Not only did I recover from that injury, yoga has also given me the tools to help alleviate tight hips and legs almost instantly, strengthen my running muscles and take control of my breathing while running – making running a lot easier. Now I’m back in my running shoes, running farther and more comfortable than ever before, and I haven’t had any injuries since starting yoga in 2015.

I invite you to join me on this yoga and running journey and feel the benefits for yourself. If you’ve never done yoga before, try our 3-day Yoga for Runners Challenge and learn short routines to stretch and strengthen running muscles and improve breathing: Sign up here (it’s free!)

Stean Bester

Still smiling after 55km in the Ultra Trail Cape Town

Exploring new areas on my weekly long runs

Stean Bester Lebanon Forest Trail Run

That time I ran the Lebanon Forest Trail Run…twice.